AAI AODS Regional Safety Oversight Organization

Regional Safety Oversight Organization

There are very good international initiatives going on. ICAO is supporting the idea to establish RSOO`s (Regional Safety Oversight Organizations) or to assist existing RSOO`s to assure a better Oversight in the several regions, but there is still the problem of resources financing them and the single NAA/ CAA is still obliged to capture the required standards at least by themselves.


These are the critical elements of a State oversight system:

  1. Legislation
  2. Operating Regulations
  3. Organization, SO Functions
  4. Technical Experts Training
  5. Guidance, Procedures & Information
  6. Licensing & Certification Obligations
  7. Surveillance & Inspections Obligation
  8. Resolution of Safety Concerns


The authorithy must establish legal framework, must train ther staff to become experts in the field and must establish guidance procedurees and release information to the aviation public.


Licensing and Certification Obligations should come along with an impelented risk based oversight program.


Therefore there is a need of cooperative arrangements vary depending on the scope of aviation activity and maturity of a State’s safety oversight system


Some cooperative arrangements are well suited to be institutionalized as sub-regional organizations, while others are better suited to remain as cooperative arrangements


At least, there is a need to open the door for a designee program that any NAA / CAA will be able to use the expertise of certified aviation experts for daily business and training reasons.