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Support by AAI

Aviation Academy International Experts do have a lot of experience in the area of aviation training. But we will go one step more ahead and assist and help our new target group – The Aviation Authority (NAA`s / CAA`s) - improving their status and standards and to help them to improve their oversight system.


Our selected experts are all DIN EN ISO/EC 17024 DIN certified Aviation Experts, Aviation Experts with Diploma, MAE / MSAE, with either Civil Aviation background, background as Accident Investigator, affidavit and juridical certified Aviation Expert, or background and trained and experienced as ICAO Government Safety Inspector Operations.


AAI assists Regional Safety Oversight Organizations with the release of true certified experts onsite. These experts are also available able to work for a period of time in a designated area in the world, in order to assure a faster implementation of an oversight system.


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