AAI ISO 17024 Expert Certification Process of the Certification

Process of the ISO 17024 certification


The Applicant should send a formal request for Certification, any supporting documentation and a description of their area(s) of expertise.


The submitted documents shall be checked prior to a decision from the Head of Certification as to whether the Applicant the relevant experience has to show. The AAI requires an initial non-refundable charge for to cover the costs for this document review. If the application fails to get to the next level, then there are no further charges; however the Applicant can continue from this point once s/he has further proven experience or qualifications.


Once it is clear that an Applicant is successful their status changes to Candidate; and further charges are due to complete the certification process. If more areas of expertise are indicated, there would be certification costs per topic area. 


The next stage sees the Candidate completing an investigation finished with a sample report covering their key area or one of their areas of expertise that will be chosen by the Examining Board. There is also an examination covering the Candidate's topic areas. In order to receive the certification, the Candidate must achieve a good pass in the examination and with the submitted sample report.


As soon as all parts of the certification process have been achieved the Candidate shall be awarded the ISO 17024 Certification.


This will also be made public on the AAI website in order that third parties can find the skills they need and check on the validity of single Certifications.


The ISO 17024 certification conducted by the AAI Certification Body is not a solicitation for training at the AAI training center.



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