AAI AODS Support by AAI Positive Outcomes

Support by AAI

Positive Outcomes


The Authority will develop a tailored Oversight System. The investment will be used in relation to a previous agreed training and supervision program. Due to a long term engagement is more flexibility assured and a clear strategy with expert leadership will keep the investment in a reasonable and controllable range.


System starts to work immediately

From the beginning on will a designated team of Aviation Experts take over as supervisor helping the NAA on place. Due to their proven experience and (previous agreed) released power from the Authority will the system start to work in needed structures very soon.



Teamwork between the Authority, Aviation Academy International and the expert on site and the inspector trainees will assure continues improvement of the oversight system. Parallel will the expert train the inspectors, will help to implement structure with tools and tasks in a process orientated way.


The Authority will receive qualified on-site training for the inspectors and will begin to work related to the ICAO requirements is a short period of time.


This is a great benefit for the Authority and will shorten the whole implementation process accordingly.


Please contact: study@avac-int.eu