AAI AODS Support by AAI Phase 1 – Evaluation

Support by AAI

Phase 1 - Evaluation

Frist, a memorandum of understanding describing the objectives between the mentioned Authority and Aviation Academy International must be established. This memorandum will address all possible and requested tasks raised and requested by the Authority / State.


A Team of Aviation Academy International Experts will study the last USOAP ICAO Audit Report to become a picture of the present status. After study will an initial draft concept and programme established and sent to the related Authority for acceptance.


If the Authority agrees to the concept and programme, Aviation Academy International will visit the Authority to perform closer concept discussions and an additional audit confirming the present status and corrective action engaged since the last USOAP Audit has taken place.


After this Audit do both parties have a clear picture about the priority of concept steps and action recommended taken, to develop a cost and time effective long term development implementing program.


Finally both parties will sign a long time, reasonable consulting agreement related to the agreed Oversight implementing program.