Authority Oversight Development & Training System (AODS)

Lack of Aviation Experts

The aviation world is becoming more and more standardized. This challenge requires high trained aviation specialists and experts in the field to address all this tasks required by the industry.


Safety, competence, standardization and harmonization are high on the worldwide agenda. We can observe, that the industry is more far in in a predictive manner than a lot of NAA`s.


Many National Aviation Authorities are able to deal with these high standards only in a reactive way, because of missing aviation experts.


EASA is going to address this problem via OPINION 04.79.c (AR.GEN 200/205)

…the implementation of a compliance monitoring system encompassing internal audit and safety risk management processes (ARO.GEN.200(a) (4);(5)), including the imple-mentation of a system to initially and continuously assess legal or natural persons performing certifi-cation or oversight tasks on behalf of the competent authority (ARO.GEN.205).


Consequently there will be a demand for Certified Aviation Experts in the future.


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